Every Successful App Beings With a Great Blueprint

Proceed with confidence with a Robust and Resilient App Strategy.

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Validate Early and Iterate Often

It’s incredibly important to measure twice and cut once when it comes to software development. Before we write a single line of code, we will have fully tested your idea and gathered user feedback from key stakeholders. Leaving you with confidence that what you had in your mind is what is actually developed.


A Proven Process That Drives Results

Strategic Consulting

This is where we’re not just a development shop, but a vested partner in your success.

Finding Alternatives - Why reinvent the wheel if we can find tools, frameworks, plugins that we can utilize to save you time and money.

Finding Vulnerabilities - Make sure you don't break the bank before you make it to market. Have a minimum viable product that you can launch and iterate through as you gather more feedback from customers.

Go To Market Strategy In Phases - Ensure that your architecture is nimble, secure, scalable and reliable so that your company doesn't outggrid gap-md your mobile app.

Requirement Gathering
Market Research

Competitve Analysis

Analyze the competition to be inspired by proven practices and find their vulnerabilities to find opportunity for your place IN THE market.

System Analysis

We take the time to understand your system, all the moving parts and the workflow of the data so that we can better design a mobile app for you that's scalable, reliable, secure, and achieves your goal. To ensure that here is what we will need to discover:

  • Understanding the entities of the system
  • Data flow between the entities
  • The workflow required for each process
  • 3rd party integrations technical requirements

Outcome will be a functional spec sheet that has the data flow and flow charts that can be given to the Design team. They can design the app and pass it to our Engineer team so they can know your exact needs.

System Analysis
System Analysis

BuildFire Feature Integration

Why spend money reinventing the wheel when you can utilize BuildFires’s extensive platform and marketplace.


Start bringing your vision to life with blueprints that are easily modified and adjusted with ease to ensure your team shares the same vision.

Low Fidelity
Low Fidelity

Design & Branding

All of our designs will keep continuity with your brand and captivate your users.

High Fidelity & Prototyping

See a perfect representation of your app that is interactive to give you a mock experience of exactly what you can expect when your app is delivered.

High Fidelity