Is BuildFire right for you? Use this guide to compare it with other app development methods.

What is BuildFire?

BuildFire is a mobile app development platform. It’s designed to give non-technical users the ability to create custom apps using plug-and-play features from our extensive marketplace.

If you know how to use the Internet, you can create an app with BuildFire. Everything can be built and managed using our web-based app building tool. BuildFire allows you to develop an app for iOS, Android, and PWA (progressive web app), with one simultaneous development.

The platform is leveraged by non-technical users and advanced developers alike. With the BuildFire SDK, developers can create custom functionalities for any app.

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What Makes BuildFire Different From Other App Development Options?

Fast Development Timeline

BuildFire can cut your development time in half. All of the app functionality is already at your disposal. It’s just a matter of selecting the features you want and customizing them to meet your specific app’s needs. You can potentially get your app to market in weeks—not months or years.

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Low Development Cost

With BuildFire, you won’t need to assemble a development team. So right away, you’re saving tens of thousands of dollars in labor costs. Our plans and pricing are simple—just pay a fixed monthly subscription to develop a custom app. Rates start as low as $159 per month.

Ease of Use

Like any piece of software or technology, there is always a learning curve. But to say BuildFire is easy to use would be a drastic understatement. Our platform can be compared to website builders, like Wix. As you add and customize features, you’ll see those changes on the screen in real-time—no coding required.

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Don’t mistake BuildFire’s simplicity for lack of capability. Our robust platform can be used to create any type of app that you can imagine. Since the BuildFire SDK is open to developers, the possibilities are virtually endless. If there’s a feature you want for your app that doesn’t already exist, your own developers or our in-house developers can build it for you.

Service and Support

BuildFire’s service and customer support team is unmatched. From answering simple questions to white-glove setups and custom development services, we have it all. Furthermore, we’ll handle all of the backend infrastructure, security, and maintenance for your app. BuildFire will get your application published to the app stores, maintain all of the backend servers, and keep your app updated as Apple and Google come out with new updates and requirements.

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BuildFire vs. Alternatives

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Built for non technical users

BuildFire doesn’t require any coding knowledge. You can use our platform to build one app for both iOS and Android, which allows you to get to market fast for a fraction of the cost.

Limitless functionality

BuildFire is limitless. You won’t outgrow the platform, and it’s possible to customize any feature or functionality to match your vision.

Built for scale

Apps developed with BuildFire can be monetized and distributed to millions of users while not having to maintain any of the technical burden that's associated with building a high performing app.

Other Development Methods

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Rapid App Development (RAD)

Rapid app development tools like Kony, OutSystems, and Kinvey allow you to quickly develop an app using pre-built functionality. While RAD tools don’t require coding, you’ll have limitations with what you can develop, depending on the platform you’re using.

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Hybrid App Development

Hybrid app platforms like React Native, Cordova, Appcelerator, and Ionic are designed for web developers. Any developer that knows Javascript can create a hybrid app. But with that said, you’ll still need to find a web developer if you can’t do this on your own.

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Native Development

Using low-level coding languages like Objective-C, Swift, and Java to develop your app requires you to learn to code. This isn’t a viable option for non-technical users. If you don’t know how to code, you’ll have to hire a development team, which is going to be expensive. Furthermore, native development requires you to build multiple apps if you want to launch on iOS and Android. This will essentially double your costs and development time.

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Cookie-Cutter App Builders

Many DIY App Builder platforms would both fall into the cookie-cutter category. These platforms are fine for building basic apps as a hobby. It’s definitely a cheap development method, but the functionality will be limited. Cookie-cutters aren’t viable options for business apps or any features that would fall outside of the “basic” category.

Types of Apps That Can Be Created With BuildFire

More than 10,000 apps have been developed on the BuildFire platform. Our clients come in all different shapes in sizes. From startups and DIY entrepreneurs to Fortune 500s and everything in between, we’ve seen it all.

BuildFire has been used to build apps for famous bands, global enterprises, insurance companies, and so much more.

  • Ecommerce app
  • Internal employee communication apps
  • Fitness apps
  • Educational apps
  • Apps for managing field service workers
  • Apps for events
  • Podcast and media apps
  • Apps for religious organizations
  • Restaurant apps
  • Small business apps
  • Nonprofit apps
  • Podcast and media apps
  • Apps for religious organizations
  • Restaurant apps
  • Small business apps
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The list goes on and on. In short, if you have an idea for an app—whether it’s directly related to an existing business or a new innovation—you can develop that idea with BuildFire.

Our platform is even leveraged by white-label resellers and agencies who want to offer app development services to their clients.

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What We’re Not

BuildFire is not a cookie-cutter app builder. Our platform is highly flexible and lets you develop a custom mobile app without limitations. With that said, there are certain types of apps that aren’t ideal for BuildFire’s platform. If you want to develop an augmented reality app or gaming up, BuildFire probably won’t be the best option for you. Our platform definitely has the capabilities to handle those types of projects, but native development will likely be better for those circumstances.