"Once I got to BuildFire, I started to really see what was possible. I’ve been able to offer more value, close more deals, and charge more than double what I would have been able to on my old platform."

Isaiah King |CEO. King Concepts
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More than a Vendor

King Concepts Mobile Solutions builds mobile apps for clients across dozens of industries, all of whom share a common goal — engaging with and speaking to very specific audiences. 

Whether it’s a church looking to share community information with the congregation or a pop-culture podcast sharing celebrity gossip, Owner/Operator Isaiah King helps each client reach a highly specific audience. 

His company creates sleek, sophisticated apps for businesses ranging from start-ups to Chevron. King Concepts Mobile Solution handles everything from development and updates to app management and analytics.

As the owner/operator, Isaiah sees himself as a partner in the long-term success of his client’s business. It’s an ethos that runs through every aspect of his company — and a crucial factor in why he chose BuildFire’s White Label Reseller program to grow his agency. 

“After every conversation and every deal is closed, I make sure that I reiterate that this is not the end of our relationship,” Isaiah said. “It's really just the start.” 

Finding a Growth Partner

Isaiah wanted to take King Concepts Mobile Solutions to the next level, but quickly found out his app development platform of six years wasn’t cut out for the challenge.  

From a technical perspective, the platform’s functionality and UI were closed and limited — resulting in apps that looked stale and old. 

From a service perspective, his platform didn’t allow King Concepts Mobile Solutions to give his clients the educational resources they needed. Nor did it handle service requests.  

“Before I moved over to BuildFire, I had to be the point of contact for every customer service issue,” Isaiah said. “And if I would’ve had 150 to 200 apps, that would have been impossible. Even three more people helping wouldn't have been effective.”

And the platform’s structure wouldn’t allow him to implement tiered pricing to create more custom solutions for his clients. His old platform was all-or-nothing, making it impossible for him to adapt his services to suit his clients’ needs. 

These hurdles already put King Concepts Mobile Solutions at a competitive disadvantage. Then the platform was acquired and their customer service declined even further. 

“They started to strip away features, and the customer service got worse,” Isaiah said. “So at some point, they became less than a vendor and really just a liability.”

The right partner would help him scale the growing company, provide educational reference materials to help his clients develop their apps, and create products built on cutting-edge technology. 


A Perfect Pairing

To grow his company, Isaiah needed a partner, not a vendor, and certainly not a liability.

As he was researching platforms, he found most of them used cookie-cutter templates, basic UI, and lacked features that would give him the freedom to create something special for his clients. 

His list of must-haves included multimedia abilities and chat functionality to help his clients communicate with their audiences. He also needed deeper analytics to show his clients what their users were doing inside the app. 

In addition to cutting-edge technology and features, world-class service was another non-negotiable on his list, both for King Concepts Mobile Solutions and their clients. 

After a few conversations with BuildFire, he found the White Label Reseller Program checked off all his boxes. The program gave him the technology, support and service he needed. It also gave him the ability to brand apps as his own and the power to grow with King Concepts.

“All the points that I really wanted in a platform ... all the things that I knew were going to be necessary to grow and sustain my business, BuildFire had,” Isaiah said. 

He’s been impressed by the customer service he’s received, both to King Concepts Mobile Solutions and his clients. Isaiah said he appreciates BuildFire’s responsiveness, and how they handle details unique to a white label app reseller. 

“I love that they've been mindful enough to understand that I'm a reseller trying to keep my own brand top-of-mind for my clients,” Isaiah said. 

Apps don’t display BuildFire branding, and should the BuildFire team need to speak to Isaiah’s clients, they’re mindful of how they speak to them.

“Knowing that they're reaching out to clients on my behalf with a two-step authentication really does help me feel like I've got a partner in what I'm doing, instead of just another vendor.”